How To List Your Tryout
  • 1.  Click on the [REGISTER] link above and register.
  • 2.  After you register and get logged in you will see an 'Admin' link.  Click on this to see your admin page with links to view your coaches and events.
  • 3.  Click on 'My Coaches' to maintain any of your coaches (add, change, delete).
  • 3.  Click on 'My Events' to see any events you have paid for.  There will be a link on this page to pay for an event.  Once you have paid for an event please allow up to 2 hours during normal business hours for the event to show up in your 'My Events' listing.
  • 4.  Click on your event in the 'My Events' listing to manage your tryout listings.  You will be able to add/change/delete any of your tryouts entries from this page.
  • 5.  If you wish to upgrade your level for an event you may also do so from the 'My Events' page via the link on that page.

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